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Domestic Battery Possession of Controlled Substance


Domestic Battery Possession of Controlled Substance


On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at approximately 1430 hours, Deputy Reyn Brown received a call from the police dispatcher in reference to domestic disturbance, located at 7783 Highway 278 W, in Nashville, Hempstead County, Arkansas.


Upon arrival he met with Shadow Allmon who stated the following. He stated his wife, Michelle Allmon has been diagnosed with being bipolar. He stated that Michelle had an episode on 4/7/2018 and got into an argument with him. He stated during the argument Michelle hit and scratched him.


Shadow stated he loved Michelle and did not want her to get in trouble, so he did not report it to the police. Shadow stated on April 8, 2018 just before noon he and his wife got into it again. He stated she tore his shirt and stabbed him in the right arm and left side with a set of keys. Shadow stated Michelle grabbed him around the neck at one point and made comments that she was going to kill their 2-year-old child. Shadow stated she got into their blue Ford F-150 and left the residence. Shadow was not sure where she went.


Deputy Brown observed Shadow’s shirt was torn, scratches on his neck, had fresh marks on his right arm and side where it looked like he was stabbed with some type of object. It broke the skin causing the areas to bleed.


Deputy Brown located the vehicle at 1513 Hempstead 37. and made contact with Michelle who was sitting inside the vehicle. Deputy advised her she was being placed under arrest for Domestic Battery 3rd.


During the search of her person Deputy Brown located a glass pipe commonly used for consuming methamphetamine in her right pants pocket. Deputy Brown asked her if she had anything else illegal on her person and she stated she had some weed in her bra. Michelle took a clear baggie containing marijuana out of her bra. And gave it to Deputy Brown.


During the search of the vehicle, Deputy Brown located a light bulb with a bottle cap on the end and a straw going through it. which is commonly used for consuming methamphetamine.


Michelle was transported to the HCDF where she was charged with possession of a controlled substance (marijuana), possession of drug paraphernalia and domestic battery 3rd. Michelle was turned over to the on-duty jail staff for booking process. She will be held for 1st court appearance.