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Possession of Methamphetamine


Possession of Methamphetamine


On 4/10/2018 at approximately 1149 hours, Deputy Kyle Rowe was dispatched to 185 Industrial Drive (Hexion) in reference to a 18 wheeler driver that might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Dispatch advised that the Hexion employees have kept the driver from leaving there.


Upon arrival he made contact with the supervisor of Hexion. Who advised that there is a truck driver that had delivered to them that might be under the influence of something. The Supervisor then showed Deputy Rowe the driver who was later identified as James Horne 31, of Shreveport standing beside the Hexion building.


Upon further investigation Deputies discovered a substance believed to be Methamphetamine, syringes, and a set of scales inside the 18-wheeler.


Deputies placed Horne under arrest and transported him to the Hempstead County Detention Center. Where he was booked on Possession of Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia charges. Horne is awaiting a First Court Appearance.