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On May 1, 2018 at approximately 1604 hours, HCSO was dispatched to the Red River Truck stop on Highway 67 West in Fulton regarding a person in a black Chrysler 300 trying to pull a truck driver out of his truck on Hempstead 1.


Upon arrival Deputy made contact with a 64-year-old male who stated that he works for Terra Renewal and was driving his 18-wheeler down Hempstead 1. The Male Driver stated that he was on his way to Farmerville, Louisiana.


Victim said that while on Hempstead 1 he got behind a black Chrysler 300. The victim stated that the vehicle slammed on its brakes and stopped in front of him. He stated that the vehicle then continued on down Hempstead 1 towards Highway 67 West and stopped again in approximately the 100 block of Hempstead 1.


Victim stated that the driver of the vehicle a white male subject exited his vehicle and walked back to his vehicle. Victim said that the male subject then opened the door to his vehicle and grabbed his arm, acting as if he was going to pull him out of his vehicle.


The Victim said that the male subject then told him that he did not want anyone going over 20 miles per hour on his road and told him that he owned all of the property around there.


Victim stated that he went to the truck stop to wait on a deputy to arrive. he said while he was at the truck stop the vehicle drove back through and went back down Hempstead 1


Deputy located the black Chrysler 300 and made contact with the driver. The Deputy asked the Driver if he stopped an 18-wheeler today. The driver stated that he did. Deputy asked him what happened, and he stated that his wife drives the Chrysler. He stated that for the past month the 18-wheeler driven by the Victim has drove up fast behind his wife while she was driving and got really close to her almost causing her to run off the roadway. He stated that he was made and stopped the 18-wheeler. He said he got out of his vehicle and went and opened the door to the 18-wheeler. and told the driver of the 18-wheeler that he needed to slow the hell down and told him that he was going to call his boss. The victim told the deputy that he did not want to file charges at this time.