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Aggravated Robbery


 Aggravated Robbery


At approximately 10:07 pm on Friday January 16, 2015 Deputy Derick Bunn and Deputy Cody Aaron responded to a call at the Red-E-Mart in Blevins in reference to a man being stabbed and his car stolen.


Upon arrival we made contact with the Victim a 16 year old male from Nashville who stated that he was in Nashville and was asked by 2 white males, later identified as Shelby McKenzie age 19 and Braden McCormick age 19, if he could give them a ride to their house for $30.00.


Victim stated that he agreed only because one male stated that he knew a friend of his.  Victim stated that when they were going down Hempstead 18  and when they got to around the 1000 block  of county road 18 Shelby McKenzie who was sitting in the front passenger seat, asked the victim to pull over so he could use the bathroom. 


Victim Stated stated that when Shelby got out of the vehicle Braden, who was sitting in the back passenger seat, punched him in the neck on the right side.  Victim stated that Braden then reached up with a knife attempting to stab him in the chest on the right side, only making a small puncture of the skin.  Victim stated that he then reached for Braden's hand to try and grab the knife and got cut on his right index finger. 


Victim stated that he then accelerated his vehicle to get Braden back in the seat, and then stopped the vehicle and got out.  Victim stated that Braden then got in the driver’s seat and drove off as Shelby got into the passenger seat.


Victim stated that he started running towards Blevins to try to get to a phone.  Victim stated that minutes later Shelby and Braden returned with his car with Shelby driving.  Victim stated that Shelby and Braden got out of the vehicle and gave him the keys back.  Victim stated he got back into his car and locked the doors and drove off leaving Shelby and Braden walking on the road.  Victim stated while leaving one of them broke the backseat passenger side window.


 Deputy Neal Barwick arrived to assist and stayed with the victim while other deputies went to attempt to locate the suspects. 


Deputies located two white males walking down Hempstead 18 in the 900 block.  And ordered them to stop as they turned around, Deputy Bunn noticed what appeared to be blood on the blue jeans of one of the suspects. Deputy Bunn  placed both males into custody and transported them back to Red-E-Mart at Blevins where they were  positively identified by the victim as the two males that took his vehicle Deputies located a blue knife under the driver seat of the victim’s car.


Both Suspects were transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center and booked for Aggravated Robbery. Pending the investigation more charges could be filed.