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13 People rescued from swift water in River







At approximately 1231 hours on 07/01/18, Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to the area of the Little Missouri River on Highway 195 North, in reference to 13 people ranging in age from 10-to 58 that were floating the river and were stranded on a tree in the middle of the river.


Deputy Bush contacted Arkansas Game and Fish Corporal Jeff Neal and dispatch paged the Blevins, McCaskill, and Deanne Volunteer Fire Departments.


Upon their arrival, they were able to get a boat in the water and get all but five to the shore where we helped them up the hill.


Deputy Bush then drove to the other side of the river where members of the fire departments were able to get to the last five on a side by side. Pafford EMS responded to the scene.


Everyone was recovered from the river without any apparent injuries. listed the subjects in the victim segment of this report.


I would like to thank the firemen and volunteers who came to assist in this rescue they truly made the difference in getting all persons out of the river and to safety.