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Possession of Firearm by Certain Person, Domestic Battery 3rd,




Vincent Maestas mugshot 


Possession of Firearm by Certain Person, Domestic Battery 3rd, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Interfering with Emergency Communications, escape 2nd, and Breaking or Entering



On 07/04/18 at approximately 0750, Deputy Reyn Brown and Jim Bush were dispatched to 6856 Highway 371 in reference to a domestic.


Upon arrival, they spoke with a female victim. who stated that Vincent Maestas pushed her against the wall. She stated that Vincent then would not let her leave. She stated that she grabbed her pistol and pointed it at him and told him "just let me leave”, The victim said that Vincent then took the gun away from her.


The victim stated that she then ran outside and tried to get into her car. She stated that Vincent then took the keys as she was trying to unlock the car and broke one of the keys. Victim stated that she then ran towards the neighbor's house. She stated that she heard him fire a shot into the air. Victim stated that Vincent did not threaten her with the gun and did not point it at her. She stated that he was just trying to keep her from leaving.


The victim advised the deputies that Vincent was still in the house and that she wanted him removed from the property. She stated that he had only been staying with her for approximately 3 days.


Deputies located Vincent hiding in a space behind the air filter for the air conditioner after noticing the vent cover was unlatched. Deputies ordered Vincent get on the ground in the hall way with his hands out away from him, and he complied. and took him into custody.


Vincent then began complaining that he could not go back to jail. He then stated that he was having a panic attack. deputies were able to get him to calm down a bit and then he advised deputies that he wanted to kill himself and that prior to our arrival he took 15 Tylenol 4s and 4 10mg valiums. Vincent continued stating that he needs help and that he was suicidal. Deputy Brown contacted dispatch and advised them to get Nevada County EMS to our location.


While awaiting EMS' arrival, Deputy Brown located the pistol, the gun was a chrome plated Lorcin Model L380 semi-automatic .380 Caliber pistol.


Upon Nevada County EMS' arrival, deputies assisted them in getting Vincent on the gurney and handcuffed each arm to the gurney. Deputy Jim Bush followed the ambulance to Wadley Regional Medical Center at Hope. Where he stood by with Vincent until Transport Officer Gary Middleton, of the Hempstead County Detention Center, arrived at which time Vincent was left in Officer Middleton's custody.


At 11:12 AM, dispatch advised that there was an inmate attempting to escape the Emergency Room at Wadley Regional Medical Center. Dispatch advised that Vincent escaped the Hospital and was running South bound into some woods south of Bill Clinton Drive.


Transport Officer Gary Middleton. advised that Vincent slipped one of the cuffs while the doctors where removing the IV. He stated that the Doctor was between him and Vincent. Then Vincent was able to make it out of the door.


Officer Middleton stated that Vincent then ran south bound towards the Bill Clinton Drive. When Vincent tried to cross the Bill Clinton Drive, a white colored Cadillac CTS collided with him breaking a mirror from the car and causing Vincent to be thrown over the car and off of the side. He stated that Vincent then got up and continued running south into the woods.


Sgt. Oller of the Hope Police Department advised that he located the subject hiding in a truck parked at the back of the residence at 304 East 24th Street. Vincent then exited the vehicle and was taken into custody.


Vincent was transported back to the hospital to get checked out from being hit by a car. After being checked out by medical personnel, Vincent was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center. Vincent was charged with Possession of Firearm by Certain Person, Domestic Battery 3rd, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Interfering with Emergency Communications, escape 2nd, and Breaking or Entering.