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On 08/17/18 at approximately 2010 hours, HCSO Orlando Dennis was stationary on Hwy 29 North just north of Hempstead 24 facing southbound. When he observed a beige Buick that was traveling northbound make a right turn onto Hempstead 24 failing to use its signal as it turned.


Deputy Dennis conducted a traffic stop in the 1400 block of Hempstead 24.


Deputy Dennis approached the driver side of the vehicle and contacted the driver later known to be Jeffery Moore I observed a white male in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. Deputy Dennis asked Jeffery for his driver's license, registration, and insurance. Deputy Dennis also asked the passenger later known to be Ian Moore for his identification. Both subjects provided him with the information requested. As Deputy Dennis was walking back to his patrol unit, he looked into the back seat of the vehicle and observed a white female later known to be Brandy Stanhouse crouched down on the back floorboard of the vehicle. Deputy Dennis asked the Stanhouse what was she doing, and she stated nothing.


As deputy Dennis went back to his patrol unit to check Jeffery’s by D.L. number through Central Dispatch. Dennis observed Stanhouse open the driver side back passenger door, get out of the vehicle, and start running.


Deputy Dennis exited his patrol unit and chased after Stanhouse Dennis observed Stanhouse cross a barbed wire fence on the north side of the roadway. Deputy Dennis continued to pursue Brandy northbound on foot through brush, and woods. Dennis observed Stanhouse run directly into another barbed wire fence, causing her to fall on her back.


Stanhouse got up off the ground, and went through the fence and continued running north. Deputy Dennis ordered Stanhouse to stop several times before deploying his Taser. Deputy Dennis observed the taser proms contact Stanhouse causing her to fall to the ground. Stanhouse was told to place her hands behind her back.


Stanhouse snatched the wire from the taser prongs causing them to lose connection. Stanhouse again got up and continue to run. Deputy Dennis caught up to Stanhouse and assisted her to the ground. Stanhouse was told again to place her hands behind her back. Stanhouse would not comply and would not place her hands behind her back.


Deputy Dennis warned Stanhouse if she did not comply and cease to resist he would deploy his Taser again. Stanhouse continued to resist arrest and not place her hands behind her back. Deputy Dennis placed his Taser to Stanhouse’s back and stunned her. Stanhouse then complied with Deputy Dennis. Stanhouse placed her hands behind her back, taken into custody.


Deputy Dennis Checked Brandy, Jeffery, and Ian through Central Dispatch who advised that Brandy Stanhouse had an FTC warrant for $2,610.00 with the City of Hope. Dispatch advised that Jeffery was clear of city and county warrants. Dispatch then advised that Ian have an FTA for $1,500.00 out of Clark County for violation of probation and they wanted him.




Ian Moore Arrested on the warrant from Clark County he was transported to the HCDF by Deputy Derrick Bunn. Deputy Dennis transported Stanhouse to the HCDF, and booked in for fleeing, and criminal mischief 2nd. Clark County came and picked up Ian Moore.