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Mobile Office Command Center



August 3, 2015


Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office Receives Generous Donation  



Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton announced that his office has received a generous donation from Mr. Thomas Allen Jones of Texarkana, a 1991 40’ Diesel Powered Foretravel Grand Villa Motor Home to be used as a Mobile Office and Command Center.


Sheriff Singleton received The Motor Home from Mr. Jones in February of this year it is equipped with a Detroit Diesel Engine an onboard generator, and LP gas tanks for alternate power. It has desks that will allow deputies to work on reports, Wi-Fi that allows them to connect with the Sheriff’s Office Management Software remotely anywhere in the county. It will have all forms deputies use in the course of business an AED and other items so that deputies can use it just like an office.


The Mobile Office /Command Center will have its own Cell Phone Number 870-703-5543 so citizens in the area can call directly to the office when it is in their area.


The unit has undergone a full cleaning, with installation of    communication equipment   it will make its debut at the National Night Out August 4th at fair Park and the Annual Watermelon Festival Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


 Plans for the unit are for it to be used a mobile office and command center for the sheriff’s office. For example we will be able to take the unit to parts of the county such as Bingen, Blevins, Saratoga, Ozan, and other areas of the county and set up for a couple of days or the weekend and have it staffed by deputies and reserve deputies so that citizens in those parts of the county can come by and visit talk to deputies who will be able to respond from the mobile office and take care of reports and other problems without citizens in that area having to come to the sheriff’s office in Hope.


We can concentrate on the problems in an area of the county for 48, 72 hours or more if needed without deputies having to come from other parts of the county. It will also serve as a command center in case of  man-made or natural disasters and special events.


I cannot express my thanks enough to Mr. Jones, his generous gift is something that we would have never been able to afford with our budget obligations. To have a piece of equipment of this magnitude means that we can more efficiently serve the citizens of Hempstead County in our day to day operations and in times of emergency.


In honor of his donation a Plaque has been affixed to the unit thanking Mr. Jones for his donation, and the unit’s number will also honor him as the unit will be known as HCSO-TOM-1.


I would also like to thank Sheriff Obie Sims of Lafayette County for his help in obtaining this piece of equipment.


James Singleton, Sheriff

Hempstead County, Arkansas

 Side view of mobile office command center

 front view of mobile office command center

 side view of mobile office command center in the sun

 Sign that says "This vehicle was donated on February 10, 2015 to Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton by Mr. Thomas Allen Jones of Texarkana USA, to be used as a mobile office command center

 mobile office command center license plate "HCSO-TOM-1"