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Domestic Disturbance


Domestic Disturbance


On 8-19-2018 at approximately 1324 HCSO Deputies received a call from dispatch for a possible domestic disturbance at 3208 Hwy 355 S. Dispatch advised there were injuries and the victim was bleeding.

Upon arriving at 3208 Hwy 355 S Deputies contacted Theresa Eskew who identified herself as a witness to the incident. The suspect Damon Moten had already left the property.

Deputies contacted Dennis Moten who identified himself as the victim. Dennis had an obvious cut over the bridge of his nose that was bleeding and his right hand, he was visibly shaken and upset. Dennis stated that he had walked outside to confront Damon who was hollering and in the face of his girlfriend Theresa.

When Dennis confronted Damon, he asked him what he was doing yelling at his old lady. Dennis stated that Damon turned to him and said this is what I'm doing and proceeded to punch him in the face. Dennis stated after the first punch Damon pushed him down into a corner of the porch and kept punching him.


Theresa stated that Damon had gotten upset over something that she couldn't remember and when she said something to him he got in her face and started spitting in her face and yelling at her. She stated that she was scared he was going to hit her so she picked up a bar to protect herself. She stated she tried to walk away from him around the house but that he followed her. Theresa stated that when Dennis came out of the house to try to stand up for her Damon started punching Dennis and pushed him into a corner and kept punching him. She said that at that time she tried to break the fight up and jumped on Damons back. She stated that right after that Damon stopped punching Dennis and left in a black and white Toyota FJ Cruiser.

EMS arrived on scene and checked the injury of Dennis. They did not transport.

Damon Moten left the residence in a 2007 black and white Toyota FJ Cruiser lic-296846. Deputies searched the area for Damon and the vehicle but were unable to locate him.

The incident is under investigation.