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Level 3 Sex Offender to be Released to Hempstead County


Office of The Sheriff

James A. Singleton< Sheriff

Hempstead County Law Enforcement Center

312 South Washington Street

Hope, Arkansas 71801





Notice to Public

Release of Sex Offender


Hempstead County


The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office has been notified that A LEVEL 3 SEX OFFENDER will be released today Monday May 6, 2019 to Hempstead County.


Background Information:




John Mark West


John West is a 38-year-old Caucasian Male, convicted of RAPE on 10/07/1996, Documentation indicates that the Offender had sexual contact with a 4-year-old female living in his home. Medical records indicate physical evidence of sexual contact.


West was Arrested by Hope Police on 4/26/19 for Disorderly Conduct and Transported to a Hospital in Little Rock for an evaluation. At the time of his Arrest he listed his address as Homeless in Hope, Arkansas


According to the Hospital, West will be released back to Hempstead County and will likely be homeless. West apparently suffers from mental illness and is stable while on medication. He is telling the hospital personnel that he will not stay on his medication, when he walks out of the hospital. He is also telling the hospital staff that he will rape the first woman he sees so he can go back to ADC. West reported that he has previously had command hallucinations that told him to rape a woman.


This notice is provided to the Citizens of Hempstead County out of a concern for the safety for the citizens. Please use caution if this person approaches you, Call 911 immediately and report whereabouts. Please do not approach.


Sheriff James Singleton