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Domestic Battery 3rd


Domestic Battery 3rd  


At approximately 2300 hours on 01/14/15 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to 3000 West Avenue B Apartment 64 in reference to domestic battery.


Upon arrival made contact with John Witcher  Deputy Bush observed multiple scratch marks on John's chest, face, and neck. John stated that he and his girlfriend Andrea Ballard got into an argument and "she went nuts". Deputy Bush asked John what she did in more detail and John would only tell me that he was trying to hold her back and keep her from hurting him and would not tell me exactly what she was doing.


Deputy Bush then spoke with Andrea Ballard. Andrea stated that her and John got into an argument and then told Deputy Bush that she wanted to go to jail and told him that she hit John.


Deputy Bush asked her for further details on what happened and she would not tell him any further. Deputy Bush observed scratches on Andrea's forehead, she had blood around her lips and in her mouth, and red marks around her neck. Andrea also had blood on her fingers on both hands possibly from scratching John.


Deputy Bush then spoke with a neighbor who lives at apartment across the road. The neighbor stated that he heard screaming and arguing so he came outside his apartment and observed John wrapping his arms around Andrea and pulling her into the apartment. He stated that Andrea then came out of the apartment and screamed for help. The neighbor said at this time he saw John grab Andrea by her hair and drag her back into the house.


Due to the marks and injuries on John and Andrea's statement saying that she hit him Deputy Bush arrested Andrea for Domestic Battery 3rd and asked Deputy Bunn to transport her to the Hempstead County Detention Center. with court date of March 2, 2015.


Due to the witness statement and the marks and injuries on Andrea Deputy Bush also arrested John Witcher for the same charge of Domestic Battery 3rd and transported him to the Hempstead County Detention Center. Court date of March 2, 2015.