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17 Year Old arrested for stabbing Two





At approximately 0003 hours on Sunday September 27, 2015 Deputy Derick Bunn was dispatched to 3776 Hempstead 2 in reference to a fight and someone being stabbed.


Upon arrival deputy Bunn noticed a very large crowd of people outside the building. Deputy Bunn asked someone where the person was that had been stabbed, he was shown the way to a vehicle where 32 year old Jose Hernandez was sitting in the back seat bleeding from 6 puncture wounds on his left side.


Upon EMS' arrival they treated Hernandez and transported him to St. Michael's Hospital in Texarkana TX.


While EMS was treating Hernandez someone came up and said that there was someone bleeding inside. Deputy Bunn and Reserve Deputy Lonnie Friend went inside and found Victor Martinez sitting in a chair holding his face with his hand with blood on his shirt and hands.


Deputies asked Victor if he was ok, he stated that he was and that he did not need any assistance. Someone asked where the blood was coming from, Victor pulled down his shirt showing a puncture wound consistent with the wounds on Jose. EMS advised that he had a broken nose and a stab wound on the upper right chest area. EMS also transported Martinez to St. Michael's in Texarkana TX for his injuries.


Deputies arrested a 17 year old juvenile male for Battery in the 2nd Degree. Deputies contacted the Juvenile Intake Officer Bubba Powers and informed him of the situation. Mr. Powers advised the deputies to hold him in the Hempstead County Detention Center until he could speak with the prosecutor. To determine if the 17 year should be charged as an adult.


The 17 year old was taken to Wadley Regional Medical Center where he was treated for a stab wound and was transported back to the Hempstead County Detention Center where he is being held for first appearance for his charges.


The victims condition is not known at this time, it is believed their injuries was severe but not life threatening.