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Domestic Battery 3rd, Assault on a Family Member


On October 3, 2015 at approximately 1321 hours Deputy Mercado was dispatched to 1375 Highway 195 South in reference to a domestic dispute in progress.


Upon arrival Deputy Mercado made contact with Mary Bobo. Mary stated that her boyfriend, Larry Cox left prior to my arrival in a green Dodge extended cab Pickup.


Mary stated that Larry works night and was sleeping. Mary stated that Larry got up from bed and was very angry because her youngest daughter had woke him up.


Mary stated that Larry started to yell at her daughter and that Larry was trying to dump grape juice on her daughter. Mary stated that Larry and she began to argue. Mary stated that she got her daughter and her son and went for a walk down the highway.


Mary stated that they were gone for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Mary stated that when she got back to the residence Larry was still mad and threw grape juice on her and began to argue with her again calling her names. Mary stated that Larry pushed her into the dresser causing her to receive a busted lip. Mary stated that he then threw her over the chair in her bed room. Mary stated that Larry then wrap his arms around her neck and began to strangle her.


Mary stated that after Larry let stopped strangling her he threw a cloths basket at her. Mary stated that Larry then went into the dining room and threw the table across the room. Mary stated that Larry then went into the bed room Grabbed his shotgun and said "I'm going to kill somebody". Mary stated that Larry then shot the Shotgun one time at the roof. Mary stated that her children were outside at this time. Mary stated that she ran outside put her Children in the truck and left to her mother's house.


Mary stated that when she was at her mother’s residence Larry called her and told her she need to bring back the truck or they would reported stolen. Mary stated that she was then went back to her Residence by herself. Mary stated that she went to her residence to get her glasses and her son's medication when she noticed all her clothes were thrown outside. Mary stated that Larry began to argue with her. Mary stated that she got some of her belongs locked the door went outside and called 911. Mary stated that while she was on the phone with 911 Larry came out and took the phone away from her asked her if she called 911. Mary stated that Larry then jumped into his truck and left.


Larry Cox was placed under arrest for, Domestic battery 3rd and 3rd degree assault on family or household member. He was placed in the HCDC awaiting a first court appearance. With a court date of December 7, 2015 at 0900 hours



Larry Dee Cox mugshot

Larry Dee Cox