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2nd Degree Battery on a Police Officer


Jason McClane mugshot

Jason McClane


Battery on a Police Officer


At approximately 1837 hours on Wednesday October 14, 2015 Deputy Derick Bunn was dispatched to 294 South Nip N Tuck Circle in reference to someone burning during an active burn ban.


Upon arrival a white male later identified as Jason McClane walked towards Bunn’s patrol unit and picked up a machete that was stuck in the ground. Deputy Bunn exited his patrol unit and asked McClane to lay the Machete down, McClane refused.


Deputy Bunn advised McClane that there was an active burn ban in Hempstead County and he needed to put the fire out.


Deputy Bunn asked McClane for his name, he refused to give it And stated that the deputy did not need his f*****g name and to get the f**k off his property. Deputy Bunn advised McClane that he did need his name because he had to do a report that required his name. McClane refused and started walking away.


Deputy Bunn started walking behind McClane asking for his name saying that he was not in trouble it was just for his report. As they were walking McClane looked over his right shoulder and lifted his right hand, containing the machete, over his left shoulder. At that time Deputy Bunn advised McClane to lay the machete down on the ground.


McClane refused saying you need to get off my f*****g property. At that time Deputy Bunn drew and deployed his Taser striking him in the upper and middle back. McClane then turned around and sat down on the ground and started hitting the leads to the tazer with the machete but could not cut them.


McClane threw down the machete and broke the leads with his hands. As McClane sat on the ground Deputy Bunn advised him to stay on the ground and get on his stomach with his hands behind his back. McClane then got up off the ground.


Deputy Bunn took McClane’s left hand and attempted to place hand cuffs on him. Deputy Bunn Placed McClane in an arm bar type position and got him on the ground where McClain then threw Deputy Bunn off of him. Deputy Bunn got back to his feet and contacted dispatch to send an available unit to assist.


Deputy Bunn attempted to place McClane in cuffs again, Deputy Bunn and McClane fell to the ground. When on the ground Jason reached out and got the water hose and began spraying the Deputy Bunn in the face.

As Deputy Bunn got the hose away from McClane, McClane started trying to get up. Deputy Bunn attempted to hold McClane on the ground until the other unit arrived but was unable to as McClane started to roll and got out from under Deputy Bunn.


Deputy Bunn pushed away from McClane and began to try and reason with him asking him to just turn around a place his hands behind his back, McClane refused again Deputy Bunn then attempted to get a hold of Jason's arm for the third time as Sgt. Oller of the Hope Police Department arrived.


Sgt. Oller ran up from behind Jason and began to assist Deputy Bunn. McClane, Oller and Deputy Bunn went to the ground while Deputy Bunn placed a cuff on McClane’s right hand while McClane was continuing to fight and resist Sgt. Oller.


Deputy Bunn was finally able to get McClane’s left hand behind his back and cuffed. Deputy Bunn & Sgt. Oller assisted McClane off the ground and escorted him to Bunn’s patrol unit and placed him in the back seat


Sgt. Oller contacted dispatch to notify Perrytown Fire Department to come put the fire out and contact EMS to check on McClane and remove the probes from the Taser. EMS and fire department arrived EMS Checked on McClane and removed the probes, McClane advised them that he was fine and did not need any assistance from them. The fire department extinguished the fire.


McClane was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center where he was booked in for Battery 2nd Degree on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest, Obstruction of governmental Operations, and Unlawful Burning. McClane will be held for first appearance on the above charges.


Deputy Bunn received minor abrasions to his face, and a busted lip during the arrest.