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Battery 1st Degree


















Dana Marcum


Domestic Battery 1st Degree


On April 17, 2021 at approximately 7:50 PM hours, HCSO was dispatched to the Howard Memorial Hospital in regards to a stabbing. Dispatch advised that the Hospital told them that the suspect in the case was at the Emergency room with the victim.

Upon arrival, Deputy Kyle Malone made contact with the victim Allen Marcum who stated his ex-wife, Dana Markcum stabbed him and she was at 2137 Highway 371 East.

Allen stated that Dana then screamed something and he turned around and she started pepper spraying him and it hit him in the chest. Allen stated that Dana then hooked him with something inside his mouth much like what he described as a fish hook. Allen stated that Dana then started pulling back on the instrument that she had in his mouth that punctured his cheek on the left side of his face and then started stabbing him on the back of his right leg.

Upon investigation, Deputies observed that Allen had two puncture wounds to the left side of his face and one in the middle of his bottom lip, two stab wounds on the back of his right thigh

Deputy Eric Garner, Arkansas State Trooper Christina Bussey, and Deputy Malone then went to 2137 Highway 371 East and took her into custody.

Deputy Garner transported Dana to the Hempstead County Detention Center where she was charged with Domestic Battery 1st Degree and Tampering with Physical Evidence. Dana was placed on hold for first appearance.