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OPERATION CHRISTMAS Dedicated to Cpl. Jeffery Wayne Neel



This year's shop with a Cop program and 2022 Day Planner, is dedicated to our dear friend and co-worker, Arkansas Game and Fish Wildlife Enforcement Officer Cpl. Jeffery Wayne Neel. Who passed away August 4, 2021 from complications of COVID-19.

Jeff was always involved in helping with OPERATION CHRISTMAS, he not only came to help kids shop, He and his partner Wildlife Officer Dennis Hovarter always made sure to secure funds to help buy those presents each year. Without Jeff's dedication and the love for children a lot of kids would not have the Christmas they did. Jeff also helped with the Lafayette County Shop with a Cop program each year.

Thank you, Jeffery, for your dedication to OPERATION CHRISTMAS, since 2017 we have been able to take over 600 kids shopping.