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Sheriff Raising Funds For Kids at The Sheriff's Youth Ranch


Four children and Sheriff stand behind large christmas presents 

Christmas 2014

Help us Make it Better in 2015


Dear Citizens of Hempstead County,

It is time once again that we start thinking about Christmas and raising funds and Items for the girls at the Arkansas Sheriff’s Youth Ranch at Lake Degray.

We are starting today to collect items on each girl’s wish list and funds to help grant their wishes.

There are six girls at the Degray Campus ages 9, 12,13,14,15, and 17 each girl has sent me a wish list. If you would like to help fill their wish list you may contact me at the sheriff’s office or bring your Items by from 8am-4pm Monday – Friday until Monday December 21, 2015.

We will also accept can goods for and non-perishable food items for the house parents to use throughout the year.

If you would like to donate; Please make your check out to Hempstead County Sheriff’s Youth Ranch Christmas Fund. You may also mail to the following address; Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton 312 South Washington Hope, Arkansas 71801.

Last year we received over $2,500.00 in cash donations and were able to grant all six girls their Christmas wish list.

We will deliver the items to the Girls on Christmas Eve.

May God Bless,

And from all of us here at the Sheriff’s Office MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Sheriff James Singleton, Hempstead County Sheriff

Christmas Wish List from Girls

At the Arkansas Sheriff’s Youth Ranch

Degray Campus




Age 9

Shoe Size – 4

Shirt Size – 7/8 Med Kids

Pants Size 7/8 Med Kids

Hobbies – Working with Play Dough

Favorite Color Purple and Blue


Wish List;

Pony Tail Holders

Bobbie Pins

Ankle Socks

Hair Spray

Cross Necklace

Hair Brush

Soft Hat

American Girl Doll

DS Yoshi Game

DS Mario Race Game


Female Age 12

Shoe Size 9 ½ - 10

Shirt Size – Large to XL

Pant Size – 10-11

Hobbies Play with Animals

Favorite Color Green, White, Black, Blue


Wish List:

Bobbie Pins

Mechanical Pencils

I Pod Case

1st generation Kindle Fire Case

Cross Necklace

CD player

Under Armor Clothes




Female Age 13

Shoe Size - 8

Shirt Size – Small Medium

Pant Size – 3

Hobbies Riding Horses, Crafts

Favorite Color Red, Black


Wish List;


Pantene (Shampoo & Conditioner

Hair Gel

CD player

Motivational Posters

GIANT Stuffed Rainbow Bear


I Pod 6

Female Age 14

Shoe Size – 8 ½

Shirt Size – Ladies Medium

Pant Size 7 or 8

Hobbies Singing Volleyball

Favorite Color – Royal Blue, Black


Wish List:


Hair Brush

Eye Liner


Blow Dryer


I Pod Mini with Case

Twin Bed Comforter Set


Female Age 15

Shoe Size 8

Shirt Size Adult Small or Medium

Pant Size – 5-7

Hobbies Basketball, Dance, Volleyball

Favorite Color Blue Maroon


Wish List;

No show socks, Mechanical Pencils


Necklace (Cross)


Picture Frames


Brown Leather Boots

Beanies (Hats)


Female Age 17

Shoe Size – 7 ½

Shirt Size Small Adult

Pant Size – 3

Favorite Color – Royal blue

Hobbies - ?


Wish List;

Hair Dryer

Portable CD player

Calvin Kline Perfume

Eye Shadow



Make Up Remover

King Size Bracelets