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Thank You Hempstead County Law Enforcement



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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hempstead County Deputies, Hope Police Officers, ASP Troopers, ADEM, Hempstead County Office of Emergency Services, Pafford EMS and all their crew for their dedication and service during the 2022 Mud Nationals held at the Hillarosa ATV park March 30th -April 3, 2022. A Special thank to Captain Frankie Junkins (Ret), Buddy Fontaine, and Clay who showed up everyday to cook for all the Officers and EMS personnel.

Each year during the event an entire community pops up at the Hillarosa ATV Park that brings avid off ATV-UTV enthusiast and their families to the Blevins area, Major sponsors such as Highlifter, Polaris and Can Am bring their latest off-road vehicles and other venders with aftermarket parts and wheel vendors also bring thousands of dollars' worth of their wares to the event. Which draws several thousands of people to the ATV park over four days of Mud Riding and Concerts, And the Safety and security of the event falls to the men and women of our Law Enforcement Community, EMS, and Emergency Services.

Months before the event takes place, representatives from the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office, Hope Police Department, Arkansas State Police, Pafford EMS, Office of the Emergency Management and ADEM (Arkansas Department of Emergency Management) meet to discuss and plan for the event which brings visitors form as far away as Canada to our County.

Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services provide vital services at the event from security to Emergency Care. I am please to say that we had no major incidents that required Law Enforcement intervention and very few calls for emergency medical services and no life-threatening injuries during the event, Thanks to the dedication of our local and state law enforcement officers, Pafford EMS, ADEM, Hempstead County Office of Emergency Management.

Thank each and everyone of you for your hard work.


Sheriff James Singleton