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B & E Theft of Property


Breaking and entering, fraudulent use of a credit card, and theft of property.


At approximately 1530 hours on Saturday January 17, 2015 Deputy Derick Bunn was dispatched to the lobby in reference to a theft on Hempstead 210.


Upon arrival he met with Cheyenne Burkhart who stated that when she got to her car this morning around 1100 hours she noticed that her wallet was missing.


Cheyenne stated that Friday night she got her key out of her purse and placed the purse by the center console of her car.  Cheyenne described the purse as brown, with gold MK all over it, with a gold zipper with a round zipper pull.


Cheyenne stated that this morning around 1000 hours her grandmother, saw some people at the end of the driveway this morning.  Deputy Bunn spoke to the Grandmother who she that a white male wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans with brown hair, a white female wearing a black sweater and blue jeans with brown hair, and a small female child with blond hair at the end of her driveway in a small blue vehicle that appeared to broke down.


 Deputy Bunn spoke with Deputy McBride about the people he just brought to the Sheriff's Office because they fit the description of the people was observed at the residence.


Deputy McBride stated that a driver’s license, debit card, belonging to Cheyenne Burkhart along with a registration and insurance card belong to her as well was in the passenger door of the vehicle just brought in. 


Deputy McBride stated that a brown handbag was in Jasseyln Parmer's purse.  Deputy McBride asked Jasseyln if he could search her purse and she stated yes Deputy McBride opened the purse and found a brown wallet with MK all over it with a gold colored zipper.


 Deputy McBride asked if it was hers and she stated that it was not that she got out of a yard where they ran out of gas.  Jasseyln stated that she used the debit card in the wallet to purchase about $32 and a little change in gas at the Shell gas station on North Hazel in Hope.


Deputy Bunn returned the stolen property to the victim and Charged Jasseyln Parmer for Breaking and entering, fraudulent use of a credit card, and theft of property.