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Tips to keep kids SAFE during Halloween


"Halloween can be great fun for our kids, but unfortunately there are people out there who may harm them.  Being prepared is the first step in assuring all goes well.  Make a plan for the night and talk to your kids about how to stay safe. 

To keep kids SAFE during Halloween, follow these simple rules:

BE AWARE of sex offenders in your area. You can visit the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office Web Site @ and click on the Sex Offender Tab to locate registered sex offenders in Hempstead County.  You may also check the Arkansas State Sex Offender Registry to get a complete list for the City of Hope and the rest of the state.

They will be listed by color on the map according to the risk level they present.

Level 4: Red (Sexually Dangerous Person). These are individuals with impaired judgment or control who have sexual or violent compulsions that they lack the ability to control. This may be due to pedophilia or other disorder of sexual attraction mental illness or personality disorder that distorts thinking, interferes with behavioral control, and predisposes the person to acts of predatory sexual violence.

Level 3: (Yellow High Level). These individuals usually have histories of repeat sexual offending, and/or strong antisocial, violent or predatory personality characteristics. Sexual compulsions are likely to be present but may be kept under control when relapse prevention plans are followed, and treatment is continued. The offense patterns of these individuals reflect a relatively high probability of re-offense and/or a risk of substantial injury to victims should re-offense occur.

Level 2: (Green) Moderate Level. Usually these are individuals with limited or circumscribed prior history of sexual acting out, possess some antisocial personality characteristics, predatory tendencies, or deviant sexual interest or behavioral patterns that increase the general level of risk these offenders pose. They may have mild or well-controlled mental disorders, and/or developmental disabilities.

Level 1: (White White) Low Level. Usually these are individuals with no prior history of sexual acting out, and no strong antisocial tendencies, sexual compulsions or psychological factors impairing judgment. Non-Assessed: (Blue) This individual has not yet been assigned a Community Notification Level by SOCNA (Sex Offender Community Notification Assessment). 

  • NEVER let children trick or treat alone
  • ONLY trick-or-treat if houses are well lit
  • NEVER let kids enter homes without parent's permission