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Deputies Recognized for Years of Service


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On December 16, 2022, Hempstead County Deputies were recognized for their years of service to the Sheriff's Office. Chief Deputy Mickey Atkinson and Sheriff James Singleton presented certificates to each employee for their years of service.

Five years of Service - Deputy Matt Dunham, Detention Officer Rebecca Vargas Langhor.

Six Years of Service - Sgt. Justin Crane

Seven Years of Service - Deputy Kyle Malone, Reserve Deputy Mark Dale, Reserve Deputy Donny Bright

Eight Years of Service-   Inv. Jeremy McBride, Detention Officer Cayman Cato, Deputy Becky Billings

Ten Years of Service- Jail Administrator Captain James Wise, Courthouse Security Deputy Marcia Hardeman

Twelve Years of Service Kitchen Supervisor Cathy Fincher, Deputy Derick Bunn, Courthouse Security Deputy Jimmy Smith

Fifteen Years of Service- Sgt. Michael Braddock, Sgt. Gary Dorman, Deputy Marla Gullion

Twenty Years of Service- Detention Officer Harvey Maxfield

Twenty-Two Years of Service-Reserve Captain Warren Webster

Twenty -Five Years of Service- Detention Officer Spence McMorris

Twenty-Six Years of Service- Bookkeeper Dana Chism

Twenty-Eight Years of Service- Detention Officer David Flores, Chief Deputy Mickey Atkinson, Reserve Lt. Neil Barwick.


Deputy Of the Year - Marla Gullion

Reserve Deputy of The Year - Donnie Bright

Detention Officer of The Year Cayman Cato