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Deputies Investigate Fall from Roof.


On February 15, 2023, at approximately 1012 hours, Deputy Kyle Malone was dispatched to the Columbus Baptist Church at 2771 Highway 73 West regarding a male subject falling off the roof of a church. While en route dispatched advised that the male subject was deceased.   

 Upon arrival Deputy Malone made contact with EMS personnel who advised Deputy Malone that the male subject was in fact deceased. Deputy Malone walked around the back side of the church and observed a white male laying on his back who appeared to be deceased.

First responders identified the deceased person as 63-year-old James "Jim" Schooley It appeared to Deputy Malone that Mr. Schooley had been laying there for some period of time.   

Coroner Peters arrived and the scene was turned over to him. Coroner Peters began his investigation. Once Coroner Peters was done with his investigation, he pronounced Jim Schooley deceased at 1104 hours.  Mr. Schooley's body will be transported to the State Medical Examiners Office for an autopsy to determine cause of death.