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Presents for the Arkansas Sheriff's Youth Ranch in Amity


Young brunette girl holding wrapped christmas presentsYoung girl sitting in front of box of christmas presents

Five women standing in front of christmas tree smilingTwo girls opening christmas presents

Hempstead County Deputy Rebecca Billings and Lacey Jo Singleton loaded up christmas presents for the six girls at the Sheriff's Youth Ranch in Amity this morning and delivered them.

The presents from Hempstead County Residents were well received by three of the Girls, the other three girls were not at the Ranch at the time the presents were delivered but will return shortly to a big suprise.

This has become a annual project for Sheriff James Singleton who was not able to atte...nd this year due to other committments.

I again want to thank all who donated money or presents to help the girls at the ranch this year. Special Thanks once again to Ms. Sara Darling, who made each girl blankets with thier name on them and has for the past five years, to the women at Rafter J Cowboy Church, and to the Plow Boy's car club.

The girls also were each given a handmade cedar jewelery box with thier names engraved on the top made by an inmate here at the jail.

It is a blessing for us as a Sheriff's Office to be able to help the girls at the ranch. Till next year
thank everyone involved and special thanks to Deputy Billings and Lacey Jo Singleton for delivering the presents.

Merry Christmas

Sheriff James Singleton