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Body Discovered in Rail Car



Press Release



On Monday October 16, 2023, approximately 4:20 am, Hempstead County deputies were call to the Tyson Feed mill located on Highway 195 outside of Fulton, in reference to a possible body located in one of the train cars.

Upon arrival, Deputies were advised by employees of the feed mill that during the unloading process of one of the train cars they discovered what they believed to be the arm of a human body in the unloading chute underneath the train car. Deputies arrived and found a body part protruding from the bottom of the train car hopper.

Deputies opened the top of the grain car and discovered that human body was wedged in the bottom of the empty car. Deputies worked to retrieve the body through the bottom of the car but were unable to do so. Red River Wrecker Service was called to assist deputies with gaining access through the top of the grain car by lowering a cable down through the car and moving a piece of metal where the deputies could remove the body from the bottom of the grain car. Once the deputies successfully retrieved the badly decomposed body of what is believed to be an adult male, Hempstead County Coroner pronounced the male dead. The body will be sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for identification and manner and cause of death.

According to railroad officials the 100-car train dropped off beans in Mexico and then proceeded empty to Missouri and loaded with corn on October 14, 2023. The train was then sent to Hope, where Kiamichi railroad transported the train to the Tyson feed mill on highway 195 for unloading.

Several agencies which included the Arkansas State Police Criminal investigation division Special Agents from Company C in Hope, The Union Pacific Railroad Police, The Hempstead County Coroner, were dispatched to assist in the Investigation. Red River Wrecker Service was called to assist in the retrieval of the body from the train car.

The case remains under investigation by the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office, The Hempstead County Coroner, and the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division.