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Burglary Endanger Minor


Arrest for Commercial Burglary, Theft of Property, Criminal Trespass, and endangering the welfare of a minor.


On January 17, 2015 at approximately 2:45 p.m. Deputy Jeremy McBride was dispatched to a suspicious person at the Union Pacific yard on Hempstead 12.


Upon arrival Deputy McBride witnessed a blue, Hyundai Santé Fe backed into the North yard. As Deputy McBride was turning around in the South yard the vehicle turned onto Hempstead 12 traveling East. Deputy McBride activated his emergency lights and performed a traffic stop.    


As Deputy McBride approached the vehicle he noticed a roll of thick, black coated wire in the back of the vehicle. He made contact with the driver, later identified as Joshua Smith, and informed him why he stopped him. Deputy McBride asked Joshua Smith and the passenger, identified as Jasseyln Parmer and a seven year old juvenile female to exit the vehicle all complied. Deputy McBride placed Smith into custody for criminal trespassing.   




Deputy McBride advised Jasseyln that she was going to be charged with Criminal Trespassing. Jasseyln asked Deputy McBride if someone could come pick up the seven year old female  Deputies allowed Jasseyln make a phone call and she stated that the people who would come get the juvenile were out of town at this time.


Deputies escorted Jasseyln and the seven year old to the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office. Where the seven year old was turned over to a responsible person.  


While searching the vehicle, Deputy McBride located a 25 foot roll of thick, black wire in the back of the vehicle. As deputies continued the search, they located an Arkansas Driver's License belonging to another Person a debit card, vehicle registration and a proof of vehicle insurance belonging to another person in the front passenger side door.


Special Agent Archer from the Union Pacific Railroad Police arrived to assist in the investigation. Deputies and Special Agent Archer discovered that the suspect (s) had taken a lock off of a door entered the building and took a propane torch and the wire.


Josh Smith and Jasseyln Parmer face Criminal Trespass, Theft of Property, Commercial Burglary and endangering the welfare of minor charges They are currently being held pending a first court appearance.