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Arrest for Terroristic Act



Bradley Williams


At approximately 1725 hours on January 30, 2016 Deputy Bunn and Deputy Krumnow where dispatched to 865 Hempstead 55 in reference to shots fired.

Upon arrival the deputies made contact with the reporting party who stated that a group of adults and juveniles ages 5, 8, and 9 years of age, were riding 4-wheelers down the pipe line like they always do. The victims  stated  that they were riding down the highway just to turn off on to their deer lease when they stopped just off the highway at the entrance so they could gather everyone up  victim stated as they were talking to each other he heard the shot go off and hit a tree above their heads. The victims stated that the shot came from the direction of the Bradley Williams residence.

After getting the statements from all the victims Deputy Bunn and Krumnow went to 1255 Highway 332 to make contact with Bradley Williams. 

Upon arrival we made contact with a person at the residence and asked if Bradley Williams was there at the house the individual stated that she did not know where he was that he was in the woods behind the house.

 The person went out the back door and started yelling for Bradley   Deputy Bunn followed the person to the field and yelled for Bradley also.  Bradley yelled back stating that he was coming out of the woods and met the deputies in the field approximately 100 yards behind the house. 

Deputy Bunn asked Williams if he had any type of weapons on his person Williams stated that he had a pistol   Deputy Bunn asked Williams if he could secure the pistol while we talked to him Williams gave the pistol to Deputy Bunn in the holster. 

Deputy Bunn cleared the Glock 22 .40 cal. pistol which was loaded with 13 rounds in the magazine and 1 round in the chamber. The holster had a spare magazine with 15 rounds in it.   

Williams gave the  following statement to the deputies  Williams stated He heard ATV's along the back side of his property and come up the county road East of his property. Williams stated that the ATV's came in front of his house and turned into a drive way approximately 150 yards West of his property and stop   Bradley stated that he then shot his 243 cal. rifle to let them know he was there.

Williams was placed under arrest   after being placed under arrest Williams was searched, a 243 cal. casing was found in his left front pocket. Williams was transported   to the Hempstead County Detention Center where he was booked in for Terroristic Act (5-13-310) and is being held for first appearance.